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It's difficult to figure out what our Creator is doing while we are still so engaged discovering what He has already done!

-Lloyd Willard

Lloyd Willard

I am driven by the reality that all humanity is gifted with life which is exceedingly valuable. My field of professional interest is in the Life Sciences. Here, perhaps hundreds of thousands of individuals are gifted in ways which symbiotically strive toward improving the human condition.

I am a person of faith. I am convinced that we were designed for purpose, and that I have been fortunate enough to be given a love of the Life Sciences. We can enjoy learning and working for the betterment of mankind while also enjoying the exploration, discovery and progress.

This is a critical time. Human health within the US has entered a period of rapid decline. I believe that the scientific disciplines which are now emerging with the most promise for favorable health impacts are Epigenetics, Nutrigenetics, and Agronomy. These fields will direct significant attention to health focused food production. The complex interactions between plant based chemicals in their natural forms in whole and pure food, and human health may well be the unfolding scientific story of this century. Advancing our understanding of gene expression, methylation, and DNA fragmentation relating to shifting disease progression, and how food and environment will impact these outcomes will likely provide metrics for progress.

The earth and our bodies are marvelously equipped by our Creator to be healthy and thrive with the proper inputs and environment. Nutrient absorption, cell heath, oxidative stress, inflammation, and disease are all intricately related.

My objective is to work to positively impact human health through personal and professional engagement with the disciplines previously mentioned.

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